1-7-2022 at 0:00
Danica Fink Hafner discussed elections in podcast Prof. dr. Danica Fink Hafner discussed elections and party cooperation in Slovenia with Zsolt Enyedi in podcast titled Voters turn towards symbolic personalities when they are dissappointed with political parties.

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Open method of coordination (OMC) stakeholder meeting
CPSR at the annual conference of SPSA
Research Conference: Influencing EU Politics
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Materials of the INTEREURO outreach workshop
New book in book series Politika
First Stakeholder meeting
International PhD conference
Afghanistan sixteen years after the external intervention in 2001
Third educational seminar for teachers in the frame of EU4Me project
New book from author Elena Nacevska titled Women in Politics in Western Balkan Countries
[Keynote Lecture] Prof. Frank Schimmelfennig
New publication in Southeast European and Black Sea Studies


Prof. Simona Kustec Lipicer
Prof. Tomaž Deželan
Prof. Danica Fink Hafner
Assoc. Prof. Damjan Lajh, Head
Assist. Elena Nacevska, PhD
Miha Zimšek, MA.


The Early National Elections in Slovenia
The Olympic and Paralympic Games Through the Lens of the State's and the Public Interest in Sport


Slovenian regulatory dilemmas in the illicit drugs policy field
The Open Method of Coordination: A View from Slovenia
The Reception of the Open Method of Coordination in Slovenia
The 2008 Slovenian EU presidency: a new synergy for Europe? A Midterm Report
The Political Instrumentalisation of Policy Analysis
National law, domestic governance and global policy: a case study of anti-doping policy in Slovenia
Slovenian election posters as a medium of political communication: An informative or persuasive campaign tool?
Money, organization and the state: The partial cartelization of party politics in Slovenia
Levelling the playing field: Monitoring Croatian policies to promote gender equality in politics
Post-Accession Politicization of National EU Policy Coordination: The Case of Slovenia
Europeanisation as a Factor of National Interest Group Political-Cultural Change The Case of Interest Groups in Slovenia
Capacity of local development planning in Slovenia : strengths and weaknesses of local sustainable development strategies.
The political science professional project in Slovenia : from communist monism, democratisation and Europeanisation to the financial crisis.
The potentials of normative sustainability : an analysis of sustainable development strategies on global, supranational and national levels
Towards our common future : comparative assessment of the sustainable development strategies of the European Union, the Mediterranean and Slovenia.
The relevance of higher education in Slovenia for creating virtuous citizens and a working democracy : an underexploited source?
Twitter campaigning in the 2011 national election in Slovenia : strategy and application of the Twitter social media outlet in party election campaigns
The Development of Civil Society in the Countries on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia since the 1980s
EU public policies seen from a national perspective: Slovenia and Croatia in the European Union
The Slovenian Greens: from early success to long-term failure
Small States, Big Challenges
Who says what to whom? Alignments and arguments in EU policy-making
Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance
Women in Politics in Western Balkan Countries
Entering the Brussels arena: Slovenian interest groups and the pursuit of a dual strategy
Populism and attitudes towards the EU in Central Europe
Policy networks: looking for the decisional centre in EU policymaking

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