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Danica Fink Hafner discussed elections in podcast Prof. dr. Danica Fink Hafner discussed elections and party cooperation in Slovenia with Zsolt Enyedi in podcast titled Voters turn towards symbolic personalities when they are dissappointed with political parties.

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Miha Zimšek, MA.

Assistant, researcher and a PhD student at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In his role as researcher and assistant, he is responsible for the support of national and international projects. He coordinated the “Tackling Radicalism through Active Citizenship of Europe in Schools – trACES” project. He is a researcher in many other projects concerning vocational education and training (“The changing nature and role of vocational education and training in Europe”), entrepreneurship (“Integrating Entrepreneurship and Work Experience into Higher Education – WEXHE”) and youth mobility (“Mobility and travel behavior of Slovenian youth”). He is also research consultant for research partner of the Slovenian Erasmus+ Youth in Action National Agency. Since 2016, he helped manage three projects in the field of civic education and work-based learning. As such, he has experience in the organizational aspects and financial management of small and medium-scale projects. Prior to his employment at the Faculty of Social Sciences, he was adviser on European projects at the Faculty of Law (UM). Through his education as Master in Political Science (Policy Analysis and Public Administration) and his traineeship at AmCham Slovenia, he has a wide variety of experience in entrepreneurship, project management and analysis. His research interests include migration studies, radicalization, civic education, work-based learning, vocational education and training, (youth) political participation and constitutional law.


Pisarna: IDV 611

Telefon: +386-1-5805-274


Izbrane objave:

DEŽELAN, Tomaž, ZIMŠEK, Miha. Politična participacija udeležencev programa E+ : MVA. Mladje, jul. 2018, no. 38, pp. 42-43.

DEŽELAN, Tomaž, ZIMŠEK, Miha. Politična kultura. In: BIJUKLIČ, Igor, SARDOČ, Mitja, DEŽELAN, Tomaž. Osnovni pojmi in dileme državljanske vzgoje, (Zbirka Civitas). 1. izd. Ljubljana: i2, 2015, pp. 141-145. 



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