Overview and activities


The Centre for Political Science Research of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, offers the only political science research programme in Slovenia; its work is comparable to the study of political sciences in the developed world and focuses on the following, fields of contemporary political science research: 1. Slovenia’s political system in international comparison (e.g., the structure and function of parliament, government, state council, local communities and local self-government, political parties, elections and public administration); 2. development of policy analysis and research into political decision-making processes, implementation and evaluation of public policies; 3. the history of political ideas in Slovenia and their current (trans)formation; 4. theory and empirical processes of political representation and current problems in Slovenia and Europe; 5. development of civil society, political culture, policy networks and lobbying;   6. factors and impact of Europeanisation and globalisation processes on Slovenian politics and for politics in state and civil society. The Centre conducts theoretical and empirical inquiries. Empirical research is based on social science surveys and interviews, case studies, the creation of relevant databases, and the analysis of so-called objective empirical data, including internationally and longitudinally comparative, statistical data analyses. Key research findings are presented at academic conferences and in scientific publications in Slovenia and abroad, in the framework of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in political science at the Faculty of Social Sciences, as well as in the context of the international M. A. Programme in European Social Policy Analysis. Special attention is being paid to the transfer of research results into Slovenia’s high school system for the teaching of social science subjects.


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