2019-01-22 00:00:00
Nova objava v reviji Southeast European and Black Sea Studies

Revija Southeast European and Black Sea Studies je objavila članek Entering the Brussels arena: Slovenian interest groups and the pursuit of a dual strategy soavtorjev Mete Novak in Damjana Lajha. Članek je dostopen tukaj.


In order to have a bigger impact on European Union public policy processes, national interest groups might choose to pursue a ‘dual strategy’ and promote their interests before national and EU institutions. However, being present at both levels is not necessarily the dominant strategy such groups follow. Relying on a survey of 97 Slovenian interest groups active in 11 different policy fields, this article analyses: (1) which factors determine use of a dual strategy; and (2) which groups have an advantage in representing their interests. Several factors in particular contribute to the pursuit of a dual strategy: (a) the interest group is economically-focussed; (b) it has a higher number of employees and (c) a higher level of activity; (d) the interest group is active in a policy sector falling within the EU’s competency and (e) is young.

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