The Olympic and Paralympic Games Through the Lens of the State's and the Public Interest in Sport

by Simona Kustec Lipicer

Worldwide relevance of the Games

The 30th Summer Olympic Games and 14th Paralympics marked this year not only from the perspective of sport competition but also from broader social, cultural, economic and political perspectives.1 It has once again been proven that sport represents far more than simply the concept of competitive games. This year’s (Para)Olympics shows how broad the reach of sport is in terms of the social integration of people from all around the world, regardless of their age, gender, sexual, cultural, ethnic, religious or health status. An astonishing number of volunteers helped stage the Games, which are clearly also an important business opportunity. Both Games were widely covered by the media, and not only in the sports’ sections of the media space. When the media campaign was at its... >more

(Para)olimpijske igre skozi oči države in javnega interesa v športu

30. poletne olimpijske in 14. paraolimpijske igre
The Early National Elections in Slovenia

The Early National Elections in Slovenia (from Balticworlds by Tomaž Deželan)
Vpliv Evrope na slovenski državljanski režim

Slovenski državljanski režim se je pomembno spremenil z vstopom Slovenije v EU. V simboličnem smislu je bila najpomembnejša sprememba ponovna uvedba dvojnega (dvotirnega) državljanskega režima, čeprav je razmerje med državljanstvi precej bolj jasno kot je
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