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5-12-2017 at 12:00
Round table: State of democracy in Slovenia You are kindly invited to the round table on the State of Democracy in Slovenia. The Round table will be moderate by Danica Fink Hafner, editor of the special issue of Theory and Practice Journal on Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance. The event is part of the celebration of 50th anniversary of Centre for Political Science Research.

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10-11-2017 at 0:00
Third educational seminar for teachers in the frame of EU4Me project

A third seminar for teachers has been organised in frame of the EU4Me project at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana on Friday, 10. November 2017. EU4Me project is part of Erasmus + programme, Jean Monnet projects and is lead by Centre for political science research. Around 30 teachers from 14 primary schools from border areas and multicultural areas have attended the seminar. The participants of the seminar at first evaluated the project activities from the first year of the project, exchanged good practices and planned the activities for the new year. Afterwards they attended the lecture on qualitative and quantitative indicators for analysis of countries and socially relevant differences in contemporary societies and their inclusion in pedagogical process. In frame of the workshops teachers got acquainted with didactic approaches for teaching human rights, discrimination, multiculturalism, poverty and social exclusion. 

29-10-2017 at 0:00

Danica Fink-Hafner, Mitja Hafner-Fink and Meta Novak from Faculty of social Sciences, University of Ljubljana have in collaboration with colleagues from Germany and Great Britain analysed 2900 national interest groups from five countries (Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden and Great Britain). Their research question has been why and how interest groups decide where and how they will try to influence the decision making. The analysis has shown that participation of interest groups in public consultation is dependent on coalitions and arguments in public policy debates. The article published in international journal West European Politics has been recognised as visible publication. More

21-9-2017 at 0:00
Meeting of interest groups scholars from Slovenia, Lithuania and Montenegro

Centre for political science research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana organised a meeting of interest groups scholars from three post-socialist countries: Slovenia, Lithuania and Montenegro from 20 to 21 September 2017. The meeting was organised by prof. dr. Danica Fink Hafner, project leader of The organisational development of national interests groups in a European comparative perspective project. Besides researchers from Centre of Political Science Research the meeting was attended also by assistant prof. dr. Olivera Komar from University of Montenegro and by mag. Vaida Jankauskait from Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. Researchers have discussed about differences and similarities of interest groups’ systems in all three post-socialist countries. We concluded the meeting with an agreement on preparation of edited volume that will describe characteristics of interest groups’ system and activities of interest groups in comparative perspective to interested readers and academic community. 

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  Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance   Danica Fink Hafner   article in scientific publication   11.08.2017 11:46
Danica Fink Hafner, Blaž Hafner, Alenka Krašovec, Lars Johannsen, Simona Kustec Lipicer, Gregor Čehovin, Ana Železnik, Damjan Lajh, Tanja Oblak Črnič, Meta Novak
Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance

Special issue on Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance edited by Danica Fink Hafner focuses on several current modes of governance which critically co-determine the nature and democratic aspects of governance in Slovenia. More precisely, from a comparative perspective, the authors analyse empirical modes as they have been evolving in Slovenia since the country's transition to a democracy (1990-2017). The articles present theoretical sub-framing relevant to specific aspects of governance; they analyse the empirical dynamics of each particular type of governance studied and evaluate them. Two democratic values are used as the main assessment criteria: representation and accountability. An analysis of empirical governance takes into account the dynamics of each of the particular mode of governance and identifies the trends in their empirical functioning in Slovenia since its transition to a democratic political system.

 Teorija in praksa, vol. 54, special issue, 2017, edited by Danica Fink Hafner, link.

  Who says what to whom? Alignments and arguments in EU pol   Danica Fink Hafner   article in scientific publication   07.06.2017 22:42
  A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: Th   Danica Fink Hafner   article in scientific publication   29.10.2016 12:13
  Recent Developments in Democracy in Slovenia   Alenka Krašovec   article in scientific publication   30.08.2016 13:32
  Small States, Big Challenges   Danica Fink Hafner   scientific monograph   07.06.2016 16:29
  Izražanje političnih mnenj v anketah   Meta Novak   scientific monograph   07.06.2016 16:20
  Organizirana civilna družba v procesih odločanja na rav   Damjan Lajh   scientific monograph   07.06.2016 16:14
  The Slovenian Greens: from early success to long-term fai   Danica Fink Hafner   scientific monograph   26.02.2016 10:49
  EU public policies seen from a national perspective: Slov   Damjan Lajh   scientific monograph   06.01.2016 21:14
   Skandinavija - idealni model družbe, ekonomije in poli   Bogomil Ferfila   scientific monograph   06.01.2016 21:14
  Slovenia   Danica Fink Hafner   chapter in a monograph   02.11.2015 14:57
  The Development of Civil Society in the Countries on the   Danica Fink Hafner   scientific monograph   02.11.2015 14:50
  Neformalno delo: opredelitev javnopolitičnega problema   Meta Novak   scientific monograph   28.08.2015 10:36
  Nevarnost sistemske korupcije v Sloveniji : spodbude in o   Alenka Krašovec   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 23:48
  First-job educational and skill match : an empirical inve   Tomaž Deželan   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 23:46
  Globalizacija   Tomaž Deželan   chapter in a monograph   13.12.2014 21:56
  The relevance of higher education in Slovenia for creatin   Tomaž Deželan   chapter in a monograph   13.12.2014 21:56
  Twitter campaigning in the 2011 national election in Slov   Tomaž Deželan   chapter in a monograph   13.12.2014 21:56
  Capacity of local development planning in Slovenia : stre   Tomaž Deželan   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 21:35
  The political science professional project in Slovenia :   Danica Fink-Hafner   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 21:34
  The potentials of normative sustainability : an analysis   Tomaž Deželan   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 21:34
  Towards our common future : comparative assessment of the   Tomaž Deželan   article in scientific publication   13.12.2014 21:34
  Državljan v razmerju do države : ureditve in razprave s   Tomaž Deželan   scientific monograph   13.12.2014 21:16

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