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The impact of the EU accession process and EU funding on the professionalization of national interest groups: The Slovenian case
Danica Fink Hafner, William Maloney, Mitja Hafner Fink

Abstract This article investigates the extent to which European Union (EU) accession and EU funding contribute to the professionalization of interest groups in Slovenia. Have EU accession and funding had a more profound impact on the professionalization of interest groups in Slovenia than the shift from socialism to capitalism? Our novel empirical evidence is drawn from two surveys of interest groups in Slovenia—the first in 1996 eight years prior to Slovenia’s membership of the EU (in 2004) and the second in 2012 eight years after its accession. Our findings show that EU accession and funding accentuate the professionalization of interest groups. However, these processes are intertwined with the partitocratic role of national political parties and parties mediate the shape and structure of interest group professionalization via their decisions on the allocation of EU funding to groups.

 Interest Groups and Advocacy, early view 22 March 2018. Link.

Danica Fink Hafner, Blaž Hafner, Alenka Krašovec, Lars Johannsen, Simona Kustec Lipicer, Gregor Čehovin, Ana Železnik, Damjan Lajh, Tanja Oblak Črnič, Meta Novak
Democracy and Alternative Modes of Governance

Danica Fink Hafner, Rainer Eising, Daniel Rasch, Patrycja Rozbicka, Mitja Hafner Fink, Meta Novak
Who says what to whom? Alignments and arguments in EU policy-making

Danica Fink Hafner
A Typology of Populisms and Changing Forms of Society: The Case of Slovenia

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